i feel like i already know you

Two weekends ago, I got to live my life in San Francisco.


If you know me well, you know this city stole half my heart a couple years back when I ventured there for the first time to swim in the bay. So, when a week-long work trip to SF was put on my calendar, I jumped at the chance to extend my stay through the weekend. And, it was brilliant.


One of the things I love about Beyond Type 1 is the incredible community they’ve built in such a short time. And the community the Bike Beyond team has built in an even shorter time is a great representation of that. Within a month of finding out we were on the team, I was connected with everyone on some social platform or another. Instagram, FB, Snap, Twitter, even LinkedIn… We have a private Facebook group to share updates, information and inspiration between the team, but it has become so much more than that. I’ve watched this group of strangers become so comfortable – already acting as a team – in just a couple months and without ever meeting each other. The support amongst everyone is encouraging and SO appreciated.

This is what Beyond Type 1 is doing. Harnessing the power of social media to connect and create a community of support and action. As we hit the road, we’ll be able to connect personally with the community following Beyond Type 1. It’s going to be great.


What I haven’t mentioned so far, is probably my favorite part about this weekend. Thanks to the team’s online connection, I had the opportunity to meet up with two people from the Bike Beyond and Beyond Type 1 teams while in SF! Dana, Beyond Type 1 social media manager, and Amanda, fellow Bike Beyond teammate. These ladies are AWE.some. I met Dana for lunch on Friday and Amanda for Dinner on Saturday + Soul Cycle on Sunday. And, here’s the thing… you’d never have known we had never met before. It was SO easy meeting them. It was like we already knew each other.

IMG_5091When I met with Dana, it was even voiced between us… “I feel like I already know you…” And that statement couldn’t be more true – for meeting both Dana and Amanda. As we continue to train separately, across the world, this team will all be connecting via social, email and video chat. When we meet in New York for the first time as a team, it will be as good friends and not strangers. I am so thankful to be a part of the Bike Beyond team and to help grow this Type 1 community around the world. It’s incredible seeing it in “real life”… when you meet someone for the first time and you have that shared feeling.

A couple highlights from meeting my fellow T1Ds in the wild —

  • When my insulin pump ran out of insulin mid-lunch, there was no explanation needed when I mentioned that I had to change my Pod (OmniPod insulin pump). Instead, Dana pulled out some SnapChat Spectacles, ready and excited to feature me on the Beyond Type 1 SnapChat so we could share this site change moment with the entire BT1 community!
  • Amanda shared her training world with me and I completed my first-ever SOUL CYCLE class. It was ah.maze.ing. We rocked it out together with our Dexcom and Omnipod droids out for the world to see. Soul Cycle hasn’t seen how great Minneapolis is yet (hint hint, Soul Cycle), but I definitely drank the kool-aid and wanted to buy ALL THE SWAG. I talked myself off the $28-coffee-mug ledge and settled for a good ol’ hoodie.
Amanda put it right when she said, “Not the only robot in the room!”

It’s moments like these when you feel absolutely normal, despite drawing a syringe full of a deadly-if-dosed-incorrectly drug in a public space, or wearing your droids for the gym to see.


Still here? Still interested in the rest of my SF weekend?

I spent most of Friday doing that work-from-a-coffee-shop thing, before checking into the most adorable AirBNB ever. I chose to crash in the extra bedroom of a couple living in Lower Haight. He is from France and She is from Spain and I just want to be their friend forever. I arrived early evening as they were entertaining some friends, conversing casually in french, drinking wine and enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun streaming into their apartment. The next day, I would find him practicing piano on a new keyboard She got him, because he just wanted to pick it back up. Cool. Casual. What? I want to be them.

That night found me meeting a college friend for Happy Hour, but ultimately calling it an early night after the long week. I grabbed a bottle of red, some dark chocolate and headed back to Le Chateau for my solo date night. My landlords for the weekend were on their way out to a late dinner, but not before She insisted on grabbing me one of their best wine glasses and lighting all the candles in the living room for my cozy night in. I died. I wonder if they want a permanent roommate.


Never adjusting to the two hour time difference during the week, I was up early on Saturday. I set out for a short run (hills are the devil) with a goal to run by the field where the Tanner fam picnics Painted Ladies, and end up at Blue Bottle (yay! coffee!) in Hayes Valley. Successful mission. The afternoon schedule included brunch, brunch cocktails and wandering by the pier like your typical out-of-towner. I took photos of bridges, food and ferry ports, as required. The weather was perfection. 55-60 and SUNNY. Locals seemed to be unhappy with this forecast, but I live for the jeans-no-socks-tennis-shoes-tshirt-and-a-light-jacket weather. Also… I WALKED. I walked SO much. Like a, “is that a shin splint” amount of walking. One of these wearable health tech devices claimed over 10 miles of walking for the weekend. I may have missed out on some solid BIKE training time, but my legs felt STRONG the next week. We don’t really get that kind of walkability in MN and now a couple weeks later, I’m missing that built-in work out.

Saturday evening brought TACOS and MARGS with Amanda. Then, I met up with an old friend and his friends to celebrate his birthday. You know that saying… make new friends but keep the old… #friendsonfriendsonfriends. I had an amazing time with this crew and can’t wait to hang with them again. If you’re reading this – hi! 😉IMG_5172


Sunday? SOUL. CYCLE. And a long flight home. I caught up on Parks and Rec that I’m watching for a SECOND time, because why not?



I’m off to Haiti on Monday for my next adventure, so stay tuned! Last time we were there, we drove through fire and I put my Pod on my stomach for the first time.



LIFE MILESTONE accomplished during this weekend: I ate brunch ALONE. And I liked it.


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